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A struggling inn, a dead philanthropist, and a jobless bartender forced to find the truth.

Recently fired and about to be evicted, Simone Evans is desperate for any distraction from her dismal life. A call from a lawyer she’s never met, about an inn she hasn’t seen in years, sets her on a new path.

But the inn’s cranky general manager and a dead body are making things tougher than she expected. With a charity auction to plan, Simone isn’t so sure she can handle this new life.

After someone close to her is arrested for murder, Simone learns this sleepy tourist town is filled with secrets. Aided by two geriatric thrill-seekers and an affectionate beagle named Lola, Simone must uncover the killer before the killer gets to her.

A successful inn, a nosy sister who won’t leave, and a corpse. Simone Evans has got it all.

Simone is finally settling into her new life as owner of the Hemlock Inn, making friends with the snarky general manager and the cute produce guy. Plus, the chef makes a pastry to die for.

But a surprise visit from her older sister throws her off-balance, and when the two women discover a dead body, Simone wishes Chrissy had never come to town in the first place.

Swept up in another murder investigation, Simone is pulled into academic drama at a nearby college. At the same time, her sister’s past relationship with the murder victim has Simone questioning her family ties.

Aided by her senior citizen sidekicks and a beagle more interested in sleeping than sleuthing, Simone must find the killer before she becomes the next victim.

An achy back, a mysterious new woman, and a dead nurse. What else could possibly go wrong in Simone Evans’ life?

All Simone wants to do is spend her time sprucing up the Hemlock Inn, but even she can’t ignore it when a sore back knocks her off her feet. A trip to the doctor leads her to a crabby nurse, and, before she knows it, she’s found another dead body. Can’t a girl ever catch a break?

When her elderly best friend is accused of the crime, Simone has no choice but to get involved in another murder investigation. This time, the victim’s grumpy personality means everyone in town wanted her dead, including the people closest to her.

After a violent attack hits close to home, Simone realizes this killer is more dangerous than she thought. Can she uncover the murderer before she ends up in a body bag?

A pie baking contest, a sleazy TV show host, and a good friend covered in blood. Springtime in Pine Brook never looked so grisly.

With the annual pie contest fast approaching, and the bistro’s head chef one of the final contestants, Simone Evans is eager for some free publicity at the Hemlock Inn, and some free pie. However, when a TV crew shows up and takes over the inn, Simone isn’t so thrilled about this change in plans. Even worse, when the smarmy TV host is killed, and her head chef is found covered in his blood, Simone wishes spring had never sprung in Pine Brook.

Eager to clear her friend of a murder charge, Simone agrees to help judge the pie contest, even though she doesn’t know the difference between a brulée and a flambé. With murder suspects lining up, and another dead body soon found, Simone quickly regrets her decision to get in front of the camera. When some TV equipment almost leads to her death, she knows she’s not dealing with an amateur.

With time running out, and a town eager to eat some pie, Simone must race against the clock to find the killer before her pie is baked—permanently.

A stolen painting, an unwanted ex-boyfriend, and a dead art gallery owner. Someone’s shady past is about to catch up to Simone—and it’s lethal!

Simone Evans is hoping for a quiet week at the Hemlock Inn, but suddenly her ex-boyfriend is in town, and a kind, old art gallery owner is dead, her ex the prime suspect. Eager to get her ex cleared of murder and out of her life, Simone agrees to find the real killer.

An ill-tempered son, two shady ruffians, and with more enemies than gray hairs, Simone realizes this kindly gallery owner had more secrets than artwork. When a stolen painting is found among his possessions, things turn deadly, and the race is on to capture this priceless piece of art.

Can Simone uncover the truth about this peculiar man’s death before she ends up the next victim?

A surprise visit from her mother, the death of a good friend, and a disappearing boyfriend. Can Simone make it through this snowy holiday season with her sanity intact and her town safe from a killer?

Christmas has always been a cozy, restful time at the Hemlock Inn, and this year is no different for Simone. That is, of course, until one of her staff members goes off on a holiday cruise, her mom arrives in town unexpectedly with a couple secrets up her sleeve, and a sweet acquaintance is murdered.

Estelle Adler has never felt all that old, even in her seventies—solving murders and sky-diving trips have helped keep her young—but when a good friend falls down the stairs and dies, Estelle starts to feel her age. Until the evidence starts piling up, indicating something more nefarious may be going on. Oh jeez, not another murder in Pine Brook?

To protect her friend and find the truth, Simone digs into the life of a kind, vibrant woman, uncovering a greedy daughter and son-in-law with a dark past, a helpful nurse who’s always around, and a grumpy neighbor with a hatred of roses.

When someone close by ends up dead, and the killer sets their sights on Simone, she must dig down deep to save herself and uncover the truth—before she ends up in her own nightmare before Christmas.

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